Ganguly: ‘We will work with ICC and take money matters forward’

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was quite guarded when fielding a question about who would be named India’s director in the ICC Board. The BCCI can name its director and alternate director.

“No, it has not been decided. But the ICC matter is important for everyone to know, don’t just go on hearsay. India is to get $372 million from the ICC 2016-23 cycle. It is a lot heavy at the backend. Till now we have got whatever it is and we have to make sure we get our due. We will work with the ICC and take this forward.”


Giving his insight into the sensitive subject , the outgoing CoA Chief, Rai said: “It is being reported that there was a 2014 model. Any of you who has followed BCCI know how much we got as per that 2014 model. We took charge in 2017. Not a single dollar was lost to us. When we took charge, we were told that we were allowed $ 293 million. That time when Mr. Vikram Limaye went and negotiated with the ICC, $ 293 million got increased to $ 405 million. That is where it stands today, and if in the future if we get more, that will be welcomed.”

The BCCI is not exactly happy with the new ICC’s new World Cup plans (T20 and 50 overs) for the 2023-2028 cycle.


This is because the ICC global tender for media rights for the post 2023 cycle may be floated in 2021, well before the BCCI gets the opportunity to invite tender for its media rights.

The BCCI’s media rights for 2018-23 was won by Star Sports for ₹ 6138 crore and the IPL rights was also won by Star Sports for ₹ 16,347 crore for the five year period, 2018-2022


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