No excuses for not winning: Kohli

Be it his personal form with the bat — he has been the standout batsman in world cricket over the last few years — or the fact that he has led a dominant Indian side which recently won a Test series in Australia, there is not much Virat Kohli has done wrong.

However, the lack of IPL title is something that has been held against him in recent times with former India player Gautam Gambhir saying that Kohli was lucky to have survived as Royal Challengers Bangalore captain for so long.

Doing my job

On Friday, ahead of the season opener against Chennai Super Kings, when asked about it, the India skipper said, “Obviously, you want to win the IPL. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I don’t care whether I am going to be judged on this (not winning the IPL). I try to win all the possible titles, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We have to be practical about why we haven’t won one. That boils down to bad decision-making in pressure situations.”

He added, “If I think like people from outside, I won’t be able to sustain for even five games. I would be sitting at home. I know people like to grab opportunities to talk about these things. I would love to win the IPL. It has not happened and that’s the reality. No excuses for that,” Kohli said.

He added, “It boils down to how much composure you have in crunch situations. In the past when we have reached, where we had a chance to win the title, we expected the game to go a certain way and didn’t really create a situation where we could end up winning that particular match.”

Workload management

With a lot of talk about workload management, considering the upcoming World Cup, Kohli said that if the need arises he will sit out of games. “Yes, that’s a big possibility. Why not? No one is playing at a level where they need to be bound by any sort of restrictions. But we have told the players to be smart about how they feel on a particular day and then reporting to the physios.

“It will boil down to giving information to the concerned people as soon as possible and then they will figure out a plan for that player.”


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