Still a healthy dressing room: Carlos Brathwaite

Kolkata Knight Riders allrounder Carlos Brathwaite said the team is looking to bounce back in the next match against Rajasthan Royals.

“I think the mood in the camp is good. We are still teasing each other. We had lot of smiles, a lot of fun in the practice. As a professional player, you cannot allow results to alter your demeanour or your mindset. If you allow that then the remaining four games will be even harder. It is still a healthy dressing room,” Brathwaite said apparently to dispel talks about KKR feeling the heat after a string of five losses.

Democratic set-up

The West Indian said that the team enjoys a democratic atmosphere. “We do not have a leadership group per se where this person is a leader and that person is not a leader. I think a leader is natural, it is something that happens. I see myself as one,” said Brathwaite who may be making his way back in the side in the crucial encounter.

Brathwaite said the bowlers alone cannot be pulled up for the losses. “I just do not want to single out bowling unit because, as a team, we have not played cricket collectively the way we wanted to.

“We just need to find a spark from somewhere either individually or collectively to arrest the slide and regain the momentum in the business part.”


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