TNCA explains its position to BCCI Electoral Officer

After explaining its understanding of the Supreme Court order of August 9, 2018 and September 20, 2019, the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) hony. secretary R.S. Ramaswamy has cautioned the BCCI Electoral Officer N. Gopalaswami, saying: “the TNCA shall not be restrained from participating in the BCCI election (October 23) on the ground of it having not been found to be compliant (of the BCCI Constitution) by the (Supreme Court-appointed) Committee of Adminstrators (CoA) and that any such act on his part of restraining the TNCA from participating in the BCCI election would amount to contempt of the 9th August (2018) judgement and 20th September (2019) order.’’

The TNCA, in a two-page note, has said that a number of aspects related to the CoA and Election Officer’s directions “are contrary to the Supreme Court order of August 9, 2018 and September 20, 2019”, both related to the Justice Lodha Reforms In Cricket Report validated by the principal judgement of the Supreme Court on July 18, 2016.

Specifically the TNCA has pointed out that the CoA does not have the authority from the Supreme Court to decide if an association is compliant with the judgement of August 9, 2018, the job of the CoA is only to file the status report to the Supreme Court with regard to compliance matters, that the CoA has not been given the authority to take any action against non-compliant associations and that the judgement itself provides for the consequences of non-compliance and there is nothing for the CoA to do in such cases.

In an eight-page election notice addressed to the full members of the BCCI on September 26 (also posted on the BCCI website) Mr. Gopalaswami had made pinpointed reference that he would entertain applications and nominations (to attend the BCCI AGM/ Elections) from members who have been determined to be compliant of the BCCI Constitution by the CoA. The TNCA believes “this is clearly contrary to the express directions issued in the 9th August judgement and 20th September order.”


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