Feel sad for someone deriving sadistic pleasure: MSK Prasad slams Farokh Engineer on ‘cups of tea’ comment

Chairman of selection committee MSK Prasad has lashed out at former wicketkeeper Farokh Engineer for deriving “sadistic pleasure out of indulging in petty talk” after the 82-year-old former India keeper commented that selectors served tea to India captain Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka during World Cup.

Speaking to a newspaper, the 82-year-old Engineer, who played 46 Tests for India, ridiculed the credentials of India’s five-member selection panel, led by MSK Prasad and comprising Sarandeep Singh and Jatin Paranjpe, Gagan Khoda and Devang Gandhi.

“I feel sad for someone deriving sadistic pleasure out of indulging in petty talk, thereby demeaning & disrespecting the selectors and wife of Indian captain through false and frivolous allegations,” an angry Prasad told PTI on Thursday.

Engineer claimed that he saw one of these five men serve tea to Sharma during the World Cup in England but didn’t name anyone.

“Let’s not forget that this selection committee has been appointed by BCCI through a proper process in an AGM,” Prasad added.

Prasad feels that it’s time that Engineer behaved his age as it doesn’t behove his stature to pass such nasty comments about anyone’s wife, be it Indian captain or any ordinary man.

“Someone at the age of 82 should reflect maturity and enjoy the progress of Indian cricket from his time to the current day.

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