We have to rise above religion: Shoaib Akhtar on fight against coronavirus

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has urged everyone to rise above personal an social differences and fight the coronavirus pandemic as one “global force”. The outbreak has so far seen more than 300,000 people contracting the coronavirus while more than 14,000 losing their lives as a result.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Akhtar also made an emotional appeal to all not to panic and hoard household items, groceries while thinking about poor people.

“Request all my fans all across the globe. Coronavirus is a global crisis and we have to think as a global force, rise above religion. Lockdown is happening so that the virus does not spread. If you are doing interaction and meeting in places, it will not help,” said Akhtar.

“If you are hoarding things, please think about the daily wage workers. Stores are empty. What is the guarantee that you will live after three months? Think about the daily wage worker, how will he feed his family? Think about people, time to be a human, not Hindu, Muslim. People will have to help each other, collect funds. Stop hoarding.

“Rich will still survive; how will the poor survive? Have faith. We are living like animals, live like humans. Try to be helpful, please stop storing stuff. It is time we look after each other. No time to be divided, we have to live as humans,” he added.

Pakistan, which borders Iran and China, two of the most affected countries, has reported three deaths and 658 infected patients, the highest number in South Asia.

With a broken healthcare system and the world’s sixth-largest population of 208 million people, Pakistan remains in danger of a large scale spread of the virus, experts have warned.

The Pakistan Cricket Board is planning to hold the remaining matches of the PSL-5 in November if the situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic improves in the next few months, its CEO Wasim Khan said on Sunday.

The PSL was suspended on Tuesday before the semifinals after the PCB revealed that a foreign player showed symptoms of the dreaded COVID-19, but Khan said the remaining matches may be held during the 10-day window available in November.


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