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After Ali vs Bajrangbali comment, Yogi Adityanath says not polarising society but just exposing SP-BSP

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday made the reference to ‘Ali’ and ‘Bajrang Bali’, targeting the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati, who recently had urged the Muslim community not to divide their votes between the Congress and the BJP.

Talking exclusively to India Today TV, Yogi Adityanath said divisive politics is being played by the Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) as they are openly asking for communal polarisation.

During his campaign rally, the UP CM said that he has no other choice but to tell the voters the reality of the opposition parties.

Adityanath also targeted the Dalit-Muslim alliance in Western UP and said that the Muslim-Dalit alliance is not only unnatural but also an unholy alliance.

“History has witnessed that it has failed in past,” he said.

Citing reason of Yogendra Nath Mandal during the partition-era, Adityanath said Yogendra Nath Mandal was the biggest Dalit leader and he chose to go to Pakistan after Partition.

“He was the Law Minister of Pakistan but after seeing the persecution of Dalits in Pakistan he abandoned Pakistan and returned to India. He was so deeply pained; he lived a quiet life and died quietly after 18 years of Partition.”

Attacking the anti-BJP alliance of the SP, BSP and RLD, he said, “An alliance is based on issues and values. But the SP-BSP alliance is the alliance of two poles.” He added that it is an alliance of such people who did not like to see each other’s face.

Talking to India Today TV Adityanath denied that he is polarising the election in the name of Hindu-Muslim. The UP CM’s agenda was pretty clear as he was trying the dent the Dalit -Muslim combination and also trying to play with partition sentiment as he mentioned about the Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad roadshow earlier this month, where green flags were seen all around.

Claiming the BJP has brought back dignity and respect to Muslim women, Adityanath urged Muslim women to recognise their true brothers as he referred to the Centre’s step to ban triple talaq.

“We have freed our Muslim sisters from hundreds of years of abuse and captivity, which they were subjected to. The wicked practice of triple talaq was being used as a weapon to exploit them in many ways. By abolishing the process, we have brought back their dignity… I want them to recognise their true brothers.”

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