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Agra: Woman abandoned at Taj Mahal gate by son reunites with family within 24 hours

When Bakul Rahi brought his mother Shanti Rahi from Guwahati to Agra on Tuesday, little did she know that in the name of visiting the Taj Mahal, her son will abandon her on reaching the monument’s gate.

Acting promptly, Agra tourist police reunited Shanti Rahi with her family on Wednesday.

Shanti Rahi, a resident of Guwahati in Assam, was found at the Taj Mahal by the tourist police on Tuesday evening, crying and frantically calling for her son.

When the police asked her about the whereabouts of her son, they learnt that the woman had been abandoned by her son Bakul and daughter-in-law at the Taj Mahal gate on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman kept waiting for her son to return, but when he didn’t return till evening, she panicked and started crying. The police took her son’s number from her and contacted him.

Meanwhile, the police constables served lunch to Shanti Rahi. By that time, her son Bakul had reached Vrindavan in Mathura with the rest of the group.

When contacted, Bakul asked the police to take his mother to an old age home as he could not keep her with him.

When Station Officer Tourist Police Dinesh Kumar threatened Bakul of criminal proceedings against him for abandoning his mother, Bakul finally agreed to take her back. He sent some members of his group to take his mother in their custody.

Shant Rahi returned to her son on Wednesday.


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