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Anti-CAA protesters detained, removed from outside Delhi Police headquarters

Students who were protesting outside the Delhi Police Headquarters at ITO after a man fired at anti-CAA protestors near the Jamia Millia Islamia University were detained and removed from the area on Friday morning, police said.

The students were protesting since Thursday night against the Delhi Police over the firing incident. The police later closed the road outside the headquarters.

“Due to the demonstration in front of PHQ, the road leading from W point to A point towards Vikas Marg has been closed by local police. Please refrain from using this route,” the Delhi Traffic Police tweeted.

A man open fired at a group of anti-CAA protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia on Thursday afternoon, injuring a student, before calmly walking away while waving the firearm above his head and shouting “Yeh lo aazadi” amid heavy police presence in the area.

The man was subsequently overpowered by police and taken into custody.


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