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Armed Forces Special Ops Division carry out war games near Pakistan border

Readying itself for carrying out future counter-terrorist operations, the Armed Forces Special Operations Division on Sunday carried out its first wargames near the Pakistan border in Gujarat. The first exercise was codenamed ‘ Exercise Smelling Field’.

“The exercise under a Major General rank officer was carried out in Naliya near the Pakistani border. The wargames have been codenamed ‘Exercise Smelling Field’. There are important Air Force and Army bases in and around the Naliya town which is part of the Kutch district,” Defence sources said.

During the wargames, in which commandos of Army, Navy and Air Force took part, the Special Forces operatives practiced counter-terrorism operations and other drills on situations that can emerge while tackling terrorism.

The tri-service Special Operations Division was raised recently and is lead by Major Gen Ashok Dhingra.

Other newly raised tri-service forces that will be force multipliers in all future conflicts, including peacetime threats, include cyber agency, and space agency. All of them have been raised under the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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