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Fake voter IDs in Bengaluru? BJP points finger at Congress, but raid finds none

The Election Commission and the Bengaluru Police conducted a raid in Chickpet on Monday to check if fake voter IDs were being printed, but only found voter ID slips.

However, the BJP and arch-rival Congress, which governs Karnataka in coalition with the JD(S), sparred angrily on Twitter. The saffron party accused the Congress of printing fake voter ID cards and shot off a complaint to the poll panel.

The slips found at Prabhat Complex in Chickpet were meant to be given to voters to boost polling numbers.

“What we found is that there were voter slips and [that] surveys were done,” said N Manjunath Prasad, the commissioner of Bengaluru’s municipal body BBMP.

“People who don’t stay in a particular place [in other words, have moved away] but registered in that same place were found, and were supposed to be given these voter slips — thus making sure polling percentage increases. This was an initiative so that polling will be good,” he said.

No case was filed, and no arrests were made.

In its letter to the Election Commission (see tweet below), the BJP claimed “several people” had indulged in the manufacturing of fake voter IDs, and that “hundreds of machineries” had been seized.

In a series of tweets, the saffron party claimed Rizwan Arshad, the Congress’s Lok Sabha election candidate in Bangalore Central, was behind the “racket”, and that 18 arrests had been made.

Arshad said the BJP sensed defeat in Bangalore Central, and accused it of targeting him because “the BJP does not want an ordinary boy to succeed”.

“They simply can’t digest the fact that a commoner will now finally represent you in the parliament,” he said in a message he tweeted to voters.

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