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Good luck bro: Shashi Tharoor’s drive-by handshake with Left rival in Thiruvananthapuram

Under a beaming sun in Kerala’s capital, Shashi Tharoor and C Divakaran leaned out from their shaded perches and shook hands.

They wished each other luck, standing on moving vehicles crowned with red and tricolour roofs that bore symbols of the ruling Left alliance and the Congress.

Tharoor, 63, has been Thiruvananthapuram’s MP since 2009, when the Congress and its national allies were in power in New Delhi. Divakaran, who is from the Communist Party of India, is one of the candidates hoping to deny him a third term.

Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter page is a colourful diary of his campaign for re-election. He joked today that he had handed Divakaran a Congress shawl “in the hope that he will see the light, but as the photo suggests, that may be a bit of a stretch’!”

Kerala sends 20 MPs to the Lok Sabha in a general election — a sizeable chunk of the 130-strong contingent elected from the five southern states and the Union Territory of Puducherry.

In the 2014 election, the Congress was routed nationally but won eight seats in Kerala, more than any other party.

This year, Rahul Gandhi, the party president, has entered one of the races — he will contest from Wayanad in addition to his bid to retain Amethi.

When that news broke, the Left was in no mood to shake hands — although Rahul has promised not to say a word against them.

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