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India Today Group Vice-Chairperson Kalli Purie’s vote of thanks at Conclave 2019

Vice-Chairperson of the India Today Group Kalli Purie gave a vote of thanks before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s keynote speech on ‘My India Story: What leading a great country taught me’ at India Today Conclave 2019.


Good evening.

I hope you are having a hard time choosing your favourite moment, idea, emotion from the Conclave. It’s been quite a Conclave.

Here is mine right here. Right now.

I cannot describe to you the feeling of this moment.

The last session of the Conclave. A hall bursting with beautiful people. PM in the waiting lounge. It’s pure unadulterated joy.

This is clearly my best moment from the Conclave. No hard choice to make here! No matter which date we pick for the Conclave.

In its 17th year, the record stays intact, as we watch India-Pak tensions at an all time high. The news environment is fully charged and everyone has an opinion to share, what better time to have a gathering to ideate and debate.

A nation is defined by its conversation.

The more lively, open, diverse, and informed it is, the more a nation thrives. That’s where we come in. We, in the newsroom, are on a good day conversation starters. And on most days moderators. It’s our job to present you with many views. But only one set of facts. Because though everyone is entitled to their own private opinion nobody gets to choose their own private facts.

We have a newsroom full of journalists who want to be on the ground and in the field to get you the facts and information first hand.

Nothing lost in translation. Truth is better when it’s well told. And it’s well told when the people telling it are there to see it unfold.

I cannot tell you the number of India Today Group reporters who volunteered to be in the middle of the dangerous situation at the LoC. And will do so again to be in the heat and dust for election coverage.

I have some hard choices to make. The role of legitimate media is to give you the most information so you can make the hard choices. Its role is not to make a choice and then tell you why that’s a great choice. That’s propaganda.

In election season when your choice will determine all our collective destinies for the next five years, be choosy on who you listen to.

Be informed. Not influenced.

Thank you for choosing the India Today Conclave to spend your time. And a big thank you to our sponsors Kalyan Jewellers, RPG Group, Wave, Facebook, Hyundai Hindustan Power, Aditya Birla Group and Jain University for choosing us.

Great choice.

And now, how is the Josh? Because next up is Josh-in-Chief – PM Narendra Modi.

May I please request on stage Editor-in-Chief of the India Today Group Aroon Purie and Prime Minster Narendra Modi for our finale.


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