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Indian tradition teaches us what we need to know to avoid coronavirus: Experts speak

Indian tradition has taught us what we need to avoid catching deadly coronavirus, Dr Rajesh Chawla of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital said while discussing proper preventive measures to control the spread of the deadly virus, which has killed over 1500 people in China.

“We should follow our Indian values of washing our hands before everything, before eating a meal, before doing anything. And when you wash your hands do it for at least 20 seconds, with water or with alcohol, which really helps in killing germs. Follow proper steps,” Dr Rajesh Chawla said.

The doctor also advised that we should stop shaking hands and use the Indian form of greeting namaste, as it cuts down the chances of virus transmission through touch.

Answering a question from a viewer on India Today TV, Dr Chawla said that observing personal hygiene was the best way to keep coronavirus at bay. “When you sneeze use a hanky or use a tissue and properly dispose of it. If you don’t have access to it any of it, cover it with your elbow and not hands, so that you don’t accidentally transmit the virus from your hands to nose, eyes or ears,” Dr Chawla said.

Director of National Chest Centre Dr Bharat Gopal said that in a flu season it is always advised to avoid crowded places and if you have to go, wear a mask and avoid physical contact. Do not touch your face, eyes, ears and nose, again and again, Dr Gopal said.

Wearing masks is also advisable but not necessary in India at the moment as the virus is contained, they said.

“Since virus has not spread in India at an alarming rate and the positive cases have been readily identified and contained, there is no need to panic and no real need to wear a mask. But if you want, you can wear a properly fitted mask to avoid airborne droplets,” Dr Bharat Gopal said.


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