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MNS workers barge into houses in Pune, demand citizenship proof to identify illegal immigrants

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) workers on Saturday launched an operation to “throw out” the illegal immigrants from Pune in Maharashtra. Speaking to India Today TV, MNS Pune president, Ajay Shinde said that the party workers caught three illegal immigrants and handed them to the police.

He said, “This is the first phase of our operation – throw out illegal immigrants. Today, we caught three suspected illegal immigrants and we handed them to the Pune Police. Few families escaped from the area where we carried out a search operation.”

When pointed out that it was illegal to barge into someone’s house without any concrete information, Ajay Shinde said he has enough “documentary evidence” that there were illegal immigrants in Pune.

“We had been keeping an eye on the suspected illegal immigrants in Pune and adjoining industrial area. Our Information is that there is a large number of Bangladeshi workers who have been living illegally,” he said.

MNS workers on Saturday launched their self proclaimed operation NRC. The ‘operation throw out illegal Immigrants’ was conducted in Pune’s Dhankavadi area where MNS workers barged into some houses.

Surprisingly, city police accompanied the MNS workers during their action against illegal immigrants.

DCP Shirish Sardeshpande of Zone 2 confirmed the MNS’s self-proclaimed NRC action and said it was illegal.

He said, “Such an action taken by MNS is illegal and they should not indulge in breaking the law. Yes, MNS can help police in identifying the suspected illegal immigrants but the party should let the police do its job.”

The DCP also confirmed that three suspected illegal immigrants were interrogated and their documents were checked but police did not find any documents that proved they were illegal immigrants.


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