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MP: Father in Jhabua hangs kid upside down, thrashes him for skipping school

A video of a man thrashing his son for refusing to go to school in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh has gone viral. The man hung his son upside down and thrashed him for not going to school. Taking action on this matter, the Jhabua child welfare committee has given the father an extension until February 2020 to improve his behaviour.

The video of the man thrashing up his son went viral after it was circulated on social media. In the video, the boy’s mother is seen supporting the man’s action. The video shows the child crying incessantly.

This incident happened in Paladi village in Jhabua district. After the video went viral, the child welfare committee called the son and his father, Gudiya Mavi for counselling.

The father, confessing his crime in front of the child welfare committee, said, ‘The child was insisting that he would not to go to school, so I took this step in anger.” The father also apologised for his actions.

Jhabua child welfare committee president Nivedita Saxena said, ‘The father has been instructed to improve his behaviour and behave well with the son. At the same time, he has also been granted an extension until February 2020. Action will be taken against the father if the complaint comes again.”


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