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Observers were scrutinising data to ensure accuracy: Delhi’s CEO on delay in voting figures

Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh on Sunday said that there was no unusual delay in announcing the final voter turnout figure as the returning officers were busy with scrutiny of data throughout the night to ensure its accuracy.

Addressing a press conference, Ranbir Singh tried to allay all the fears as expressed by a section of political parties over delay in releasing the final voting figures for the Delhi assembly elections held on Saturday, saying “they did not want to speculate and wanted to give exact figures”.

“So, returning officers worked throughout the night to check data to ensure it is accurate,” Ranbir Singh said while asserting that the delay was not unusual rather it was done in a good time.

Ranbir Singh said there were more than 13,700 polling stations in the national capital and they had to add data from each station and ensure that every vote is accounted for.

It is not a matter of late or early as soon as the voting per cent was finalised, it was shared with the public, Ranbir Singh said.

Ranbir Singh’s remarks came after Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal questioned the “delay” by the Election Commissioner in giving the final voter turnout figure for the assembly polls, and said it was suspicious and asked if the poll panel was waiting for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) office’s nod.


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