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Pay salary or face legal action: Jet airways pilots send notice to CEO

Jet Airways pilots have sent a legal notice to the airline’s CEO threatening legal action over unpaid salaries.

The notice states, “The payment of the salaries of my client’s member pilots, has been grossly delayed, and the schedule of payments is getting later and later.” The pilots have not been paid the salary of January, February and March months of 2019.

The advocate Jane Cox, in the notice, also mentioned the stress that the pilots are going through. The notice read, “This situation is leading to extreme stress, anxiety and frustration amongst my client’s member pilots – hardly an ideal situation for pilots in the cockpit. Monthly EMIs have to be met, school & college fees paid, along with medical bills of aging parents … Each month the pilots are left (a). juggling to meet these monthly commitments; & (b). worried about the future months as the salary arrears just keep building. It hardly needs to be stated that passenger safety – the prime concern of all in the industry – requires pilots who are flying stress-free and with a free mind.”

The notice, in the end, called upon the airline management to pay the salaries outstanding for the months of January, February and March 2019 by April 14, 2019. If the airline failed to pay the salaries for these months, the pilots would then resort to legal methods.

Jet Airways’s problems began when it embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan. It was the airline’s ambitious plan to expand business on international routes. It ordered 22 wide-body aircraft for delivery over about 18 months, starting in 2006, depleting cash. However, it failed to compete with low-cost airline like IndiGo and SpiceJet.

Meanwhile, crumbling Jet Airways has massively reduced its operations from its main hub Mumbai to just about 32 flights Tuesday, said an airline source told PTI. Amid acute financial crunch, which has also forced it to delay salaries to employees and payments to banks, aircraft lesser and vendors, Jet is struggling to remain afloat.

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