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PM Modi another Hitler, he is known as feku, says Raj Thackeray

Raj Thackeray compared Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler.

During a public meeting in Mumbai, Maharashtra on Saturday (April 6), Raj Thackeray said, “PM Narendra Modi is another Adolf Hitler.”

“On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, I wish Modi-mukt year ahead,” Raj Thackeray said.

Raj Thackeray also said that like Modi was given chance to become PM, same way, Rahul Gandhi should also be given a chance to become PM.

He said that may be Rahul Gandhi will do better things for the country.

Thackeray said that before Modi became PM, he never knew that Narendra Modi has a mother; now after Narendra Modi has become PM, every year he goes to meet his mother with media.

Thackeray, criticising Narendra Modi, said that thousands of crores are used by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for elections. “They [BJP] have looted us. Don’t vote for them. Throw them out of the government,” Raj Thackeray said.

Raj Thackeray held the public meeting at Shivaji Park, Dadar on the occasion of Gudi Padwa.

Raj Thackeray said that for the elections, he will be doing over 10 public meetings in Maharashtra, and he wants a “Modi-mukt Bharat” (Modi-free India).

During his public meeting, the crowd raised slogans saying, “Chowkidar Chor hai.”

Raj Thackeray said, “Our country is facing two major crises at the moment. One is Amit Shah, other is Narendra Modi. Our Prime Minister is known as feku (big mouth). Go to internet and search for feku, our PM Narendra Modi’s name will pop up.”


Raj Thackeray said, “Why is he [Narendra Modi] telling lies to people of our country? The US has given a statement that all the planes they provided to Pakistan are all in good condition. Why is PM Narendra Modi telling so many lies?”

“For the last five years he [Narendra Modi] has not taken a single question from media. What is the reason behind that? What is he afraid of?” Raj Thackeray questioned.

He further added, “How did Pulwama attack take place? From where did the RDX come? The borders are protected by Army and I ask Modi how did explosives come to India? Amit Shah said 250 people got killed, was he the co-pilot? The IAF [Indian Air Force] is saying they don’t have figures, so how did the BJP get figures?”


“Whatever things he is doing during his tenure as PM, he opposed them all when he was not the PM. After GST and demonetisation, over 4.5 crore people have lost their jobs.”


“For election campaign he is not saying anything about GST or demonetisation. Nothing. He is now playing the Hindu card,” Raj Thackeray said.


“First digital village of country in Maharashtra; look at the condition there. Our Sandeep Deshpande [MNS spokesperson] went there to look at the conditions. Harisal is said to be the first digital village of the country adopted by Microsoft. I sent Sandeep Deshpande and others to investigate,” Raj Thackeray said.

Raj Thackeray showed a video which shed light on the condition of Harisal.

“No internet, no ATM cards with people, no ATM card swipe machines. Nothing has changed there,” Raj Thackeray said.


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