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PM Narendra Modi blasts Congress: Who is every deal maker, middleman close to? Lutyens Delhi knows

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tore into the Congress and the UPA on Saturday, asking who every deal maker and middleman was close to.

The entire nations knows, he said, and Lutyens Delhi surely knows.

PM Modi said that during his NDA government’s tenure, the corridors of power were free of middlemen because they knew this administration would not tolerate corruption.

He said his government’s 55 months in power and 55 years of the others had given two contrasting approaches to governance.

He said no bulletproof jackets had been bought during the UPA’s tenure between 2009 and 2014 — and that 2.3 lakh had been brought during his tenure.

“You will be ashamed to know that not one bulletproof jacket was obtained between 2009 to 2014,” PM Narendra Modi said.

Modi also said jawans and kisaans have been the biggest sufferers of the “deal and dole system” of the previous governments who ruled for several decades.

He described the pace of India’s progress under his government with a shout-out to Aaj Tak’s tagline: “Sabse Tez”.

He was highlighting the speed of progress in multiple areas, including the creation of homes for the poor, roads, mobile manufacturing units and optical fibre networks, and the development of the railways.

In the upcoming general election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led NDA face a Congress that has been buoyed by success in state elections in the Hindi heartland.

In 2014, powered by a wave of support for PM Narendra Modi, the BJP crossed the majority mark in the Lok Sabha all by itself.


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