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Security beefed up, Delhi Police prepared in case of colourful Holi

With a deployment of over 25,000 police personnel including traffic cops in the city, the Delhi Police has made elaborate arrangements to prevent unruly behavior during Holi Celebrations in the national capital.

Keeping in mind the complaints of untoward behaviour with women last year during Holi, Delhi police has stepped up patrolling and directed the deployment of more women personnel outside educational institutions to prevent such incidents this year.

Cops have appealed to people not to play forceful Holi, senior police officials said. Delhi Traffic Police have deployed teams with alcometers (device used by police to measure the alcohol content) at major intersections and vulnerable points to detect and prosecute traffic violators.

“As per the Supreme Court’s directions, in cases of drunken driving, red light jumping, using mobile phone while driving, dangerous driving and over speeding, driving license will also be seized and liable for suspension for a period of minimum 3 months,” Taj Hassan, Special Commissioner of Traffic Police said.

Cops will also be vigilant of minors driving without licences.

“Quick Response Teams (QRTs) have also been deployed at strategic points to deal with any untoward incident. Delhi Police’s counter-terrorism unit and Crime Branch have also been put into loop and instructed to tighten their vigil during Holi,” Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) and also the spokesperson of Delhi Police said.

He added that the PCR wing is also on its toes to take distress calls throughout the day. Delhi police issued an advisory, warning to Delhi residents against throwing of water balloons on people or forcing them to indulge in the revelries.

“Officials out on Holi arrangement will be divided into groups of anything between 4 and 10 and deployed at barricades across the city.

Each group will have a mix of local police and traffic officials.

Amulya Patnaik, Delhi Police Commissioner has also directed them to invoke CrPC Section 144 to hinder motorcyclists with wrong intentions from riding with balloons and colour.


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