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Smuggler hires robbers to rob rival smugglers

On March 7, a resident of Nagaur in Rajasthan filed an FIR with Sikar police saying that he was robbed at gunpoint on a highway. He said that robbers stole 30 thousand rupees in cash from him.

Sultan Singh, the complainant, said that the robbery took place when he was travelling in his Scorpio with Irfan and Balli Mohammed who had returned from Saudi Arabia.

It seemed a usual case of robbery until the police heard about other items that were stolen.

It was reported to them that a thermos flask, an iron, garments and a speaker was stolen along with the money.

Police carried out investigation keeping strangeness of the robbery in mind and caught the robbers. A whole new story came to light after that.

The robbers revealed that they were hired by a gold smuggler Lal Mohammad. Their mission was simple, to target his rival smuggler Sher Mohammad who, as Lal Mohammad believed, had robbed his gold two years ago.

The robbers then zeroed-in on Sher Mohammad’s men who were travelling with the smuggled gold. Sher Mohammed’s men had hidden the gold in a thermos flask, an iron, a speaker and other objects and had cash with them too. It was amply clear that Sultan Singh, Irfan and Balli Mohammad, who lodged the initial complaint were travelling with the hidden gold when they were robbed.

The police has now asked the customs to probe how the gold was smuggled inside the country.

Gold smuggling has been on the rise ever since the government restricted its import and put a hefty import duty. It is believed that a large chunk of gold in India has been sneaked in illegally.


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