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Trend To Try: Colourblocking

When you say the word ‘colourblocking’, art enthusiasts may instantly recall the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

After all, the man is often associated as the one who gave shape to this trend. Given the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion, it’s no news that the trend has been so well-received within the sartorial community over the years.

And we’re talking way before Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian halted the paps to showcase their choices highlighting this trend.

What’s colourblocking:

It’s combining complementary colours in an ensemble, so as to create a cohesive look. Earlier, it was safe to colourblock with hues such as pink and purple, red and pink, among others.

Come 2019, and there’s an amendment in the fashion book as far as the rules of colourblocking go. From neutrals to pastels, contrasting hues and even earthy tones, designers are merging colours that was considered a sartorial sin when placed together.

How to go about the trend this summer? We give you a rundown… take notes!

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